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Interlocking Tank Pedestals

Foam core tank supports are light-weight and easy to install. The patented Gene-O design offers identical parts meaning that you never get to the job site with the wrong fit. Tough polyurethane coating is UV stable and corrosive resistant. Our unique design is easily assembled by a two man crew. Available to fit any tank size


Sloped Gene-O

Available in
12' Diameter
(14" Exterior Height)
13'6" Diameter
(15" Exterior Height)

Flat Gene-O

Available in
12' Diameter
(6" & 14" Height)
13'6" Diameter
(15" Exterior Height)
15'6" Diameter
(6" Height)

Pedestal Extensions

Extends to Fit
15'6" OD & 21'6" OD Tanks
- 120 Mils of durable polyurethane coating is the toughest in the industry
- Dual Corrosive Resistant Urethane core and Polyurethane Coating
- UV Resistant Coating
- Installs completely above grade, no punctures in the secondary containment liner
- Interlocking pieces stay put during tank installation and high winds
- Assembled tank pads are easily repositioned to accommodate site changes
- Sloped profile of the Sloped Gene-O is the only tank stand that fully supports cone bottom tanks with full contat
- Designed to meet API Standards
- Warranty on all materials 

Urethane core material used in Sentinel's interlocking tank pad

offers superior chemical resistance unmatched in the industry.

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