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Secondary Containment

Sentinel's line of secondary contaiment is built to meet 40CFR 264 requirements for tank systems and portable containment. Our steel dike system, used along with our pre-sprayed liners gives you the most durable and impermeable system on the market. Sentinel's systems are designed to withstand harsh climate conditions and the stress of daily operations without costly repairs.

Our polyurethane coated liners and walls withstand sun and wind without the aid of other media or ballast.

Sentinel specializes in Non-Recordable Incidents

Spills are easily cleaned up with no harm to the native soil or costly cleanup of floor media. All of our components come pre-finished, saving costly field time.

Sentinel’s pre-sprayed components reduce field time and insures consistent quality.

  • Reduced bolt pattern; 12 vs 28

  • 2″ Top Flange

  • Exterior panel and post are coated in high performance, chemical resistant Polyurethane.

  • Exterior finish will hold it’s color in direct sunlight, will not chalk or discolor

  • Interior is pre-sprayed with Sentinel’s durable and flexible Polyurethane.

  • Pre-sprayed, polyurethane interior ties in easy with liner floor, No grinding required, saving costly field time.

  • CFR 40 Part 112 compliant & Engineer certified


Sentinel's steel dike containment is fabricated from heavy duty 14 gauge steel, the toughest in the industry, and fully engineered to support fluid pressure. Durable Polyurethane coating protects the exterior. Interior side of panel comes pre-coated  with resilient Polyurea coating. Dike walls tie in seamlessly with Sentinel's liners. Sentinel's pre-sprayed components reduce field time and ensure consistent quality.

Standard 14 gage Panel sizes are 33"x96" and 45"x96", Custom sizes and designs available

Manufactured using sturdy geotextile fabric, our pre-coated Polyurethane liners are non skid and UV stable. An uncoated tie in band runs the perimeter of the liner for quick tie in. In Sentinel’s controlled environment, each liner received a consistent 3 pass coating. Spark testing and strict quality control insure a pinhole free liner. Sentinel’s pre-sprayed liners are designed to tie directly into our steel containment wall yielding a impervious liner to the top of the containment wall.

Pre-sprayed liners offer the flexibility to install the liner system under the tank for true 100% containment of the tank battery. Liner is later tied to steel wall system to form a monolithic system. Quick panel tie in saves costly field time.

Sentinel’s 3-day installer certification program provides field crews with information and support to get the job done right.

If you are ready to purchase one of our Secondary Containment products, email us below or call one of our sales representives. Contact info can be found here.

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