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AquaLoc Floating Lids

AquaLoc modular floating cover protects against the causes of evaporation...

  • Water Temperature

  • Wind Contact with Surface

...without the challenges of traditional solid membrane covers.

Evaporation claims an inch of valuable water per day from storage reservoirs

  • 95% Surface Coverage​

  • Rainwater passes freely into storage pond

  • Gas can escape between tiles

  • Wind Resistant Design

  • R-value 2.9

  • Prevents Algae and Plant Growth

  • Deployed in hours, natural energy draws tiles into alignment

  • Adjust to changing water levels

  • Easily yields to piping and other equipment

If you are ready to start using our AquaLoc lids, email us below or call one of our sales representives. Contact info can be found here.

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