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Polyurethane Core Tank Stand

Foam core tank supports are light-weight and easy to install. Where other foam stands fail, our polyurethane core is chemical resistant and will withstand the damages sustained in its tough environment. Our unique design is easily assembled by a two man crew and available to fit any tank size.

AquaLoc System

Sentinel's modular floating AquaLoc system protects against the major causes of evaporation without the challenges of traditional solid membrane covers. Rainwater passes freely into the storage pond. The modular design also yields to piping and other equipment.

Why choose Urethane?

Urethane Superiority

Urethane products, or more specifically, Polyurethane products have many desirable characteristics not always found combined in traditional building materials. Polyurethane takes on many forms from highly elastic to super rigid. Due to its light weight, high strength, chemical resistance, superior insulation values and the broad range of densities available, Urethanes are an excellent manufacturing medium. Sentinel captures these characteristics to meet the needs of our customers. Using spray applied methods as well as molding processes, Sentinel is ready to put our team to work for you.


Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction injection molding involves the use of two part polyurethane resin injected into cast molds. The resin is allowed to react and reach its desired characteristics. Then the part is extruded and sent on for further finishing if required. Sentinel is equipped to build our tooling in-house, keeping us in control of the entire design to production process. This makes even the low volume projects very cost effective. 


Sentinel's team is dedicated to the development of manufacturing in the area of Urethane products. We make everything here in the USA. We are centrally located in Knoxville, AR which ensure rapid and convenient service wherever you may be working. With our commitment to provide unsurpassed service and support, we invite you to discover how Sentinel can become a valued partner in your business.


Sentinel is a FULL SERVICE Contract Manufacturer

Injection Molding

Our cost effective tooling processes positions Sentinel as an ideal partner in manufacturing. Contact us to find out how we can put our expertise to work for you.

Automated Polyurea Paint Line

Senitnel's unique paint line is equipped with the latest technology in both singular and plural component spray applications.

Trained Research and Development

Our experienced team along with new developments in product formulation give Sentinel the tools to help you advance your product to the next level.

What's your tank sitting on?

Failed Polystyrene

Tank Pad


Sentinel Interlocking

Tank Pad

Urethane core material used in Sentinel's interlocking tank pad

offers superior chemical resistance unmatched in the industry.

Urethane core material used in Sentinel's interlocking tank pad

offers superior chemical resistance unmatched in the industry.

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